Center for Vascular Malformations Eberswalde (ZVM)

Do you or your child suffer from hemangioma (strawberry birthmark), lymphangioma (lymph vessel abnormality) or other vascular malformations? If you are in search of a clinic that offers the very best in therapies and techniques for treating these vascular defects, the international expert team of the Zentrum für Vasculäre Malformationen Eberswalde (ZVM) might be what you are looking for.

Diverse therapeutic options are currently available to treat these often incriminating vascular disfigurations:

  • Application or injection of sclerosing agents (OK 432, Doxycyclin, Bleomycin, Alcohol)
  • Interventional radiologic embolization (feeding vessels are closed via indwelling  catheters)
  • Laser Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Medication
  • Observation

After five successful years in Berlin, the ZVM moved to the Werner Forßmann Hospital in Eberswalde in November 2013. By combining various specialties in one center it is now possible to offer all forms of therapy in one spot and for treatment to take place with an interdisciplinary team. Ms. Susanne Hengst belongs to the in-house team and cares for the interventional radiologic treatments.

Since 2007 our clinic is in close collaboration with the world renowned specialists Prof. Milton Waner, MD, Co-Director of the Vascular Birthmarks Institute of New York, and Prof. Dr. Aaron Fay, MD from Harvard University in Boston. They do surgery on a regular basis in our hospital, so that patients from Germany and other parts of the world do not have to travel to the US to be treated. In addition, we are partnering with other clinics in Berlin, in Germany, and in Europe to build a sound treatment network for European and international patients.